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Queen Him While Wearing Panties

Queen him with you panties on, and don't let him take them off.  Make him lick you through your panties and try to get his tongue around the side of one of the edges, but strictly forbid him to get take your panties off.

This is to deny him the pleasure of actually licking you, while still putting his in the position of having to serve you.

Tell him that he's "no longer allowed access to your pussy directly", and that the "closest he will come to seeing you naked again is through your panties, unless he's watching a 'real man' fuck you". Tell him since he likes you lingerie so much and that he seems to be a "lingerie sissy" that this is "the most he'll ever see of you".

If you do this, it's essential you make a point of him thinking that he's not allowed to go beyond your panties and that you won't be taking them off for him.  It's powerful denial.

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