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Sissy Maid

Oh, I love the world of the Sissy Maid.  It's so deliciously humiliating, and so rewarding to the woman who is being served.

To a Sissy (like me), who lives with a wonderful authoritative woman in a female led relationship, then it's only logical that serving domestically should be a regular and expected part of the lifestyle...and since a Sissy is forced feminized, then it makes sense to dress in a feminine uniform and perform these duties as a Sissy Maid.

We have a few traditional French Sissy Maid uniforms (it'd be nice to have just a simple modern maid's dress as well) at home, but we've only put them to use a few times.

As with my other fetishes and fantasies, being a Sissy Maid is all about "Humiliation" and being "Forced" against my will.  Since the biggest humiliation would come from my wife sharing this wonderful amusement publicly with other women, I often fantasize about being humiliated publicly in front of other females.  For example, I love the idea of being forced to receive and serve her female friends at home while dressed as her Sissy Maid or being sent out to one of her girlfriend's house and "forced" to clean or serve in the same way.

So far, the closest I've gotten to being sissified and serving in front of other women is when our cleaning lady comes once a week.  I love to play with the concept of being the sissy "helper" of the cleaning lady, and on a few occasions my wife has slightly played with this concept.  However, I think my wife is afraid of scaring away the cleaning lady,... which I actually wouldn't mind because it would be sooooo much more interesting and powerful if we actually had a more attractive cleaning lady who was also open to the concept of discovering my sissy behavior and slowly turning me into her little sissy maid helper over time. Given full authority from my wife, the cleaning lady would equally become my firm, strict, and demanding domestic boss who my wife would defer to in managing me as a proper Sissy Maid.   ahhhhhhh, I love to dream!


  1. Beautiful!
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  2. I love crossdressing and have been doing it for years, at home and at work, I own a small store. One day I had to run some errands so I left my store manager in charge, a 27yo Indian woman, Shanti.. That evening after closing she said she wanted to talk to me, I agreed, and went into the office. Shanti came in carrying a bag and stood there, placing the bag on the desk. She started saying she found this stuff as she is pulling it out of the bag and wants an explanation. It was my maids outfit, stockings and heels, I started to stutter, than resigned to the fact that I was caught. I told her of my crossdressing and answered all her questions than she tells me to put it on so she can see. I went into the bathroom, changed, came out and modeled for her, she loved it, all smiles. Shanti said that as long as I was dressed like that I should mop the store, I did, she was constantly throwing things on the floor so I could pick them up, I realized that she was enjoying the view when I bent over, thong panties. This happened a few times a week until one day she told me that I need to come over to her house to clean, after work she is to tired to do it. I was told to come over at 1 pm on Saturday and be prepared to work. I did as I was told and showed up on time, she showed me to the bathroom to change and than showed me around. The kitchen and bathroom needed a good cleaning, the other rooms was mostly dusting and vacuuming. At around 4:30 the door bell rang, I hid, Shanti told me to keep cleaning while she answered the door. Shanti comes back inside with 2 Indian women and introduces me as her maid, they stood there laughing and went into the living room. I continued cleaning and 10 minutes later the door bell rings again, I just continued. This time Shanti comes in with an older, stern looking Indian woman, she introduces us, I just smiled and curtsied, she just looked at me from head to toe a few times and they joined the other women. A minute later I was called in and told to bring them some wine, I did as I was told, finding the glasses and the wine and serving them while they giggled. After a while of serving them and having to pick up things they dropped on the floor Shanti got up and turned on some music, telling me to dance for them, again I did as I was told. I tried to dance seductively for their amusement, at the beginning of the third song Shanti started motioning for me to take it off, I hesitated but started slowly removing my outfit. The apron , the one piece dress, than dancing slowly in my thong panties, stockings and heels. The next song starts and I slowly turn my back to them and remove my panties and continue to dance covering myself with my hands. Finally I let them see my clean shaven genitals, dancing only in stockings and heels, they were all enjoying the show, even the older, stern woman was smiling. I looked at Shanti and she motioned for me to start masturbating, so while dancing I slowly started to masturbate and the laughs slowed down and they were all intently watching me. I finally shot, falling to my knees and shooting into my hand as not to dirty her carpet. They all started clapping when Shanti screams "eat it". I look at her and she says it again and the others joined in "eat it". I looked at my hand and slowly brought it to my mouth and licked it clean. This became a weekly thing with mainly the same women, sometimes others will come, but these four were there all the time. One day Shanti brought a bunch of bananas and wanted me to incorporate them into my dance and stick them in my butt, what could I do, she was so beautiful and this whole thing is so demeaning, how could I say no. That led to playing with a dildo for them, sucking it and taking it, which, over time she got bigger ones. After cleaning, dancing, stripping, taking a couple of bananas, I would have to sit there, spread wide, and ram myself with the dildo till she said to stop, and only than could I masturbate and lick up my mess. I am so sorry that she moved away.

  3. One night, while staying at my girlfriends house, I couldn't sleep, so I decided to get up and get to work early, I own a small store. Maria also got up and decided to take the ride with me, she lived close to the store. Upon entering the store Maria went right into the office and came out with some of my baby dolls, wanting me to put them on for her. Maria has known about my cross dressing for a long time and enjoys it. She picks out one that does not have straps, it is held up by elastic around the chest. I put it on with my thigh high stockings and heels. Maria comes over and hugs me and than puts the dog collar on me, it has the word "BITCH" in pink sequins on it. After making out for a minute she pulls out the hand cuffs, this means I am going to get beat. Once the cuffs are on she starts kissing and rubbing me, than she starts pulling down my outfit. After removing the outfit, leaving me in heels, stockings and the collar, she asks if I trust her. Of course I do I reply, she reaches into her bag and pulls out a leash and attaches it to the collar, and smiles, saying we are going for a walk. ???? What? outside? Maria explains it is almost 3 am, nobody will be out. I explain it is Saturday morning and this is a Spanish area with a lot of small Spanish clubs. She tells me not to worry as she unlocks the door, looks around and pulls me outside by the leash. Maria locks the door and starts walking toward the corner. It is a fall night, slight chill, but I am hard as a rock at the idea of total humiliation, she notices. We are walking a main avenue with cars driving by but the parked cars seem to be hiding me. After walking a couple of blocks we turned the corner, 1 more block, turned the corner again, it seems we are heading back. I am whispering, not wanting my voice to carry. 1 more block, another turn, we are heading back to the main road. As we near the corner we can hear voices, Maria stop, peeks around the corner, looks at me and smiles and says, "are you ready? Be a good boy". Maria pulls me around the corner, not 300 feet from the store, and I see a group of people walking towards us. I freeze, looking, had to be 15 people, as I look I see that it is all women, coming right at us. Maria tugs on the leash and we start walking again. The group start to whistle and laugh, some seemed frightened. Maria stopped and started talking in Spanish, I don't understand it, as I stood there getting laughed at, poked and smacked. Maria told me to stand still as the women took turns spanking my butt and kicking me. I later found out that Maria told them I liked all this. After about 10 minutes of this they left and we went back into the store. Once inside Maria told me I owe her, so she wants her favorite, to straddle my face, urinate in my mouth, of course swallow and lick her to orgasm, all I could say is "YES MAAM"

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