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Sissy Maid

Oh, I love the world of the Sissy Maid.  It's so deliciously humiliating, and so rewarding to the woman who is being served.

To a Sissy (like me), who lives with a wonderful authoritative woman in a female led relationship, then it's only logical that serving domestically should be a regular and expected part of the lifestyle...and since a Sissy is forced feminized, then it makes sense to dress in a feminine uniform and perform these duties as a Sissy Maid.

We have a few traditional French Sissy Maid uniforms (it'd be nice to have just a simple modern maid's dress as well) at home, but we've only put them to use a few times.

As with my other fetishes and fantasies, being a Sissy Maid is all about "Humiliation" and being "Forced" against my will.  Since the biggest humiliation would come from my wife sharing this wonderful amusement publicly with other women, I often fantasize about being humiliated publicly in front of other females.  For example, I love the idea of being forced to receive and serve her female friends at home while dressed as her Sissy Maid or being sent out to one of her girlfriend's house and "forced" to clean or serve in the same way.

So far, the closest I've gotten to being sissified and serving in front of other women is when our cleaning lady comes once a week.  I love to play with the concept of being the sissy "helper" of the cleaning lady, and on a few occasions my wife has slightly played with this concept.  However, I think my wife is afraid of scaring away the cleaning lady,... which I actually wouldn't mind because it would be sooooo much more interesting and powerful if we actually had a more attractive cleaning lady who was also open to the concept of discovering my sissy behavior and slowly turning me into her little sissy maid helper over time. Given full authority from my wife, the cleaning lady would equally become my firm, strict, and demanding domestic boss who my wife would defer to in managing me as a proper Sissy Maid.   ahhhhhhh, I love to dream!

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