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Cuckold Denied - But Present

For some reason, "Cuckolding" has recently become one of my top erotic interests.  I'm not quite sure why, but it seems so erotic to think of watching my wife openly fuck another man while denying me. I fantasize about this all the time, and very very often when I'm having sex...and it makes me reach a climax almost immediately.

My wife know's about this interest of mine and she's talked about it a couple times during sex, each time making me so incredibly excited and bringing me to immediate orgasm.

These pictures are scenes where the "Cuckold" (the husband who's denied) is present and watching his "HotWife" (common term for the woman of a Cuckold) have sex with another man, while he himself is denied (usually in chastity). I thing they are absolutley awesome...

While cuckolding is intensely erotic and stimulating, I would only accept it in practice based on the conditions of some very hard limits.  It would have to be purely physical (just for the sex, and only for the sex, no emotional affection). The lover would have to be someone completely anonymous who doesn't know my wife or myself; and would never be seen again by either of us.....therefore, it would probably be a one-time spontaneous moment.  I'm interested in my wife just having a really good fuck in front of me and enjoying it....not her having a boyfriend or a lover.  Interracial cuckolding doesn't excite me much, but it doesn't bother me either, I suppose it's whatever she prefers.

Ultimately, the idea of cuckolding doesn't scare me at all if it were to really happen because I know who much my wife loves me, and she would never do anything to hurt me or damage our bond.   I would enjoy watching my wife simply going wild, screaming with pleasure and enjoying herself having an incredibly satisfactory fuck with a stranger.  I find it exciting that she would discover new ideas in such an episode, and then be able to hold me to a higher standard when I make love to her.  It would be her ultimate form of showing her control over me, and asserting my devotion.  Finally, while she would enjoy the variety, I'm sure she would conclude I'm a better lover....or at least tell me so (always so sweet).

While I'm open to cuckolding as a reality... it's better to start by testing the waters with a much safer, but just as erotic and exciting approach, which is her threatening to cuckold me - or making me thing its happening, just to play with my mind!


  1. Yes, I must be denied and humilated too. These pictures show my real desire. No other way for a wimp like me with a clit-cock and a rubens body. Please laugh at me!! I will chstized for ever!

  2. Bad idea. Separation of "purely physical" and "emotional affection" is not going to work out well. This post does not ring true. I think your wife is imaginary.

  3. I've been in chastity for years! I have a device that is fairly easy for me to clean myself and if I don't do it right she uses a whip on me. The closest I get to cum is cleaning her and current boy friend with my mouth. She told me I'm a tiny dick and tiny dick's don't deserve to cum.

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