Enjoy peeking into my naughty mind to discover some inspirational ideas for exciting, humiliating, and erotic methods & fantasies of enforcing strict female authority

The Ideal Femme

I adore women and all things feminine, especially those women who know how to use their feminine charm to assert Female Authority.

Here are some wonderful images of women who just turn me on in one way or another!!!

Erotically speaking, my ideal woman dresses either 'elegant & sophisticated' or 'girly & cute' on the outside; like a 'vintage fetish lingerie model' on the inside; has beautiful toned and fit body, with a piercing in her naval and a perfectly shaved or extremely well groomed pussy (with a piercing there too!)... she's super confident, polite, and refined in conversation, and uses here feminine charm, innocence, sweetness, and beauty to get her way in the day to day world.... in the bedroom she's a wild wild bitch, always firmly in control, an authentic Humiliatrix (who enjoy's administering humiliating predicaments for her amusement) and with a mind much much naughtier than mine (now, that's a very naughty mind).


  1. My ideal femdom is girlie and cute. Very, very girlie.

  2. I was commenting to my wife that I couldn't help noticing the dresses at the wedding pictured in the men's store ad on TV. Since it was an ad geared toward men, most males (I guess) would be looking at the suits. Not us cross dressing sissies. Instead, I couldn't keep my eyes off all the beautiful dresses of chiffon, organza and satin. She reached under the dress I was wearing and felt up my garters and nylons. What a turn on! Femininity and everything womanly is wonderful. I can't get enough!