Enjoy peeking into my naughty mind to discover some inspirational ideas for exciting, humiliating, and erotic methods & fantasies of enforcing strict female authority

Getting Caught, Surprised, and Confronted

Getting caught with a hand in panty drawer (so to speak) is by far one my most erotic fantasies.  The few times I was actually caught either wearing or just snooping around some women's panties resulted in such a enormous rush and provided me incredibly powerful subsequent erotic stimulation (even though at the time I was completely embarrassed).  It was sooooo uncomfortably humiliating and exciting!

I just love the first picture in this slideshow... I had it custom drawn for me by Barb.

Getting caught possessing or doing something naughty is an ESSENTIAL part of starting down the path of all the other humiliation interests I have.

I can't decide which I like more, the humilation of being caught and confronted directly by surprise, or realizing I was probably caught but not being confronted at all right away (so that instead I'm just wondering how much the woman who caught me saw, and what she must be thinking until she eventually mentions something or does something about it).  For example, many years ago I used to fantasize about a girlfriend borrowing my computer and secretly 'catching' me with an open web-page about diaper fetishes (ABDL), but instead of mentioning anything at all I would be left wondering in fear if she actually saw what I was reading, and the next day I'd be surprised and humiliated to find my underwear drawer replaced with diapers....without any confrontation, she would've humiliated me and forced me to confess to my naughty fetish.

Now that I often openly wear female panties in front of my wife, and even keep a dedicated panty drawer just for me, its less possible to get the same effect of being "caught" by her with just panties.....However, being caught by any other female (females only of course!!!) would still be such an incredible rush.  My wife could still "catch" or "surprsise" me now in many different ways, but she'd have to catch me wearing more than just panties (maybe a bra or other feminine things), or take a picture or video of me wearing panties without me knowing (to use as blackmail), find something I've hidden (some sex toy, book, or feminie things) and bring it out to confront me, or maybe catching me writing this blog?

Of course, after "catching" someone, the many ways a woman can use these situations are extremely powerful (fun blackmail, direct or indirect humiliation, punishment, etc).  One of the most effective outcomes would be to use the situation as an opportunity for punishment or humiliation by simply encouraging (in a very kind, but forceful way) or enforcing the same behavior to a very strong humiliating extreme in order to teach a very hard and unforgettable lesson.  


  1. Wow... I have such similar feelings... well said!!
    Same here, I have my own panty drawer... but still want to be "caught"!!
    Great pics!

  2. I have a very large panty collection and love to wear panties 24/7. For me the greatest thrill is the constant threat of being exposed and humiliated while wearing panties!

  3. Well bill, if your in my panty drawer, you sissy! I make wear every feminine pair of my panties in public plus a real time panty check, count on it? Jennifer A.

    1. I, Bill Fassel, HOPE THAT IS A PROMISE?

  4. My wife caught me wearing her pink panties. She decided that since I liked them she would feminize me. She now parades me in front of her friends and the humiliation is such an erotic experience.

  5. My wife caught me and my best friend rubbing our hardons together. She has kept me chaste ever since. Gradually she came around to the idea I should be allowed to have all the cock I want. Now I am considered my wifes girlfriend and I am treated as such in all ways. My breast implants, hormones, beauty treatments and wifes feminine instructions have me prancing to go! Wife has got me addicted to her collection of strapons and I have progressed to the real thing. We cruise bars for a likely suspect and we are always successful. They never suspect my self adhesive puss is hiding my small but powerful click... they are too busy fucking my ass as they eat my wifes pussy.

  6. I've been cross dressed and diapered my whole life. My sisters used to delight in telling their friends about their sissy brother. Bringing them into my bedroom, their girlfriends would be shown my diapers, rubber pants, bras, crenolines, sissy sox, nylons & garter belts. Opening my closet they would also show off my sissy dresses and sissy shoes (I always loved the communion dresses mommy made me wear). Sometimes they'd make me stand up so they could unbuckle my pants (if I wasn't in a dress) to prove I wore diapers and lingerie. The little sissy needs make-up and a hairdo would be the usual suggestion. On some occasions I would get made up and then made to wear a dress in front of them. Everybody knew I was a fairy. I was always turned on and looked forward to experience of being on view and being called names.

  7. yes i too was caught by a man and his wife after that day i was there sissy boy and i wear panties bras and dress so i beg them to make me there sissy girly bitch she said we have all ready started look you have tits there small for now but will grow more after seven month i had tits and a nice round ass one night i put on a new teddy nightie and my miss look at me and said just lovey you look like a girl ready to be taken i told miss yes to have your big dido cock in my pussy ass please miss i want to be your bitch she said yes but you will not be my husband bitch just mine only well after a year i became her house wife and her husband now just started to wear panties too

  8. I use to cross dress at work, before I locked up for the day. An ex girlfriend dropped by and looked in the window. She started banging on the door and telling me to let her in. Well I did, she stood there laughing at me and told me I would make someone a good wife, I tell her that I wanted to be her wife. The next day she phones me and starts asking about my cross dressing, this went on for a week. One day she calls and tells me that she wants to make me her bitch, to meet her the following day at a motel and to bring my lingerie with me. I did as I was told, bringing the yellow baby dolls, black fishnet stockings and black pumps. Upon arriving she had me change clothes and had me orally service every hole she had. After awhile she removed my panties and had me lie down on a table and she tied my hands and feet to the legs of the table. She went to the bathroom and came out wearing a strap on, then proceeded to take my virginity which she admits to enjoying more than she thought. Afterwards, she cleaned up, got dressed, picked up my clothes, leaving my wallet and keys and left. I must have been in that position for at least 1.5 hours, until the maid came to clean the room. The maid ran out and came back with another woman, they both stood in the doorway laughing before they got me untied. I put my panties back on, grabbed my wallet and keys and was ready to run out the door, dressed like this? The women were still laughing but they went outside to make sure the coast was clear. I get into my car and drive off but pull into an industrial area and waited for the sun to set, couldn't get home like this.

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