Enjoy peeking into my naughty mind to discover some inspirational ideas for exciting, humiliating, and erotic methods & fantasies of enforcing strict female authority

How to force him to obey

One of the biggest struggles we’ve had in playing with control in our relationship is how to get started. My stimulation comes as a result of my wife initiating things, with a sense of authority and total control.  There’s one problem though, she really needs to act with authority, otherwise it’s just a silly role play and I won’t take her seriously.    This is a huge struggle for us, because as much as I want her to play with me, and she would like to play, we can never seem to get started because I don’t feel forced (feeling forced is EXTREMELY key).   

From experience, probably the two biggest mistaken approaches a woman can make when trying to initiate things are 1) asking their Sissy to do something with the justification of just the idea that she’s in charge because he wants her to be in charge (not because she’s enforcing it), and/or 2) trying to sound like a just a plain mean angry bitch, because it’s probably the most vivid image they’ve perceived of a traditional Dominatrix and they think that’s what us Sissy’s want. The truth is, for this Sissy at least, I react most when my wife uses her soft, gentle, but firm feminine ways to assert authority and control in a way that commands my respect.     There are lots of great resources on the web for powerful techniques and methods for gaining control and authority, (for example the Around-My-Finger and related sites) that I encourage women to explore. 

Here’s a quick ideas about how I suggest to get started with commanding power/control over a Sissy and gain authority.    Much like commanding the respect an authority figure over a kid, think of your Sissy and an overgrown you child and manage him the same way.  I’ve found there are two things motivate people are Fear and their quest for something they want/need.  You can use both of these motivations to achieve quick and easy control and authority over him.

1)   something they WANT or NEED might be for example:  sex, the privilege of sleep with you, to have a cafĂ©, something new they want to buy, or somewhere they want to go, access to their mobile phone, computer, wallet, passport, freedom, keys, privacy

When playing with what the Want/Need, you need to first determine what they have and what they don’t.  If you’re in a position to give them something they want or need, they will listen to you.  If they don’t already have it, you may consider offering to help them get it as a reward for doing something you want them to (for example, putting on the chastity device, or wearing a pair of panties). If they already have it, you may consider taking it away from them… and then taking control over what it is that they want, in order to be able to offer it back to them for doing what you want them to do.

2)   Something they FEAR:  anything they have that you have control to take away from them, being exposed, humiliated, punished.  

In order to use fear to take control you need to be able to threaten. Threats mean nothing unless they are Credible.  The only way to show credibility, is to make sure to follow through with threats. You can use simple things to make that point…. And in order to have unquestionable credibility, you should over perform on consequences of a threat now and then just to make things clear.  If you fail to follow through with a threat, you will lose your credibility. Always follow through if you don’t get what you want the first time…even if you have to excuse it to him as a “necessary evil” in order to maintain a standard.

As time goes on and your Sissy learns that you are sincere, serious, firm, confident (not angry or bitchy), and consistent with your methods for asserting authority, you'll see that he'll soon have the "perception" of your constant control (even more powerful than control in itself), and his compliance with your requests and expectations will come increasingly easier.

Apart from using the above tactics, the BIGGEST MOTIVATOR for me by far is when I see a woman is Really Enjoying administering her control and authority.  I can definitely feel this if she has a big smile on her face, or hear her tone of voice confident (positive, realistic, threatening and firm, but soft and sweet), if she openly talks about the predicaments (what she's planning to do to me, and what she's done) in a very positive and proud way, and if I see her spending time and energy preparing for it (on the internet, or through books, etc)....  this is a HUGE motivator to want to comply with her efforts to assert authority, control, discipline, and humiliation over me. 

Sissy Maid

Oh, I love the world of the Sissy Maid.  It's so deliciously humiliating, and so rewarding to the woman who is being served.

To a Sissy (like me), who lives with a wonderful authoritative woman in a female led relationship, then it's only logical that serving domestically should be a regular and expected part of the lifestyle...and since a Sissy is forced feminized, then it makes sense to dress in a feminine uniform and perform these duties as a Sissy Maid.

We have a few traditional French Sissy Maid uniforms (it'd be nice to have just a simple modern maid's dress as well) at home, but we've only put them to use a few times.

As with my other fetishes and fantasies, being a Sissy Maid is all about "Humiliation" and being "Forced" against my will.  Since the biggest humiliation would come from my wife sharing this wonderful amusement publicly with other women, I often fantasize about being humiliated publicly in front of other females.  For example, I love the idea of being forced to receive and serve her female friends at home while dressed as her Sissy Maid or being sent out to one of her girlfriend's house and "forced" to clean or serve in the same way.

So far, the closest I've gotten to being sissified and serving in front of other women is when our cleaning lady comes once a week.  I love to play with the concept of being the sissy "helper" of the cleaning lady, and on a few occasions my wife has slightly played with this concept.  However, I think my wife is afraid of scaring away the cleaning lady,... which I actually wouldn't mind because it would be sooooo much more interesting and powerful if we actually had a more attractive cleaning lady who was also open to the concept of discovering my sissy behavior and slowly turning me into her little sissy maid helper over time. Given full authority from my wife, the cleaning lady would equally become my firm, strict, and demanding domestic boss who my wife would defer to in managing me as a proper Sissy Maid.   ahhhhhhh, I love to dream!

Domestic Discipline

I believe Domestic Discipline is such an important part of a relationship of Female Authority.  The woman must know how to dish out a healthy batch of firm discipline as either behavior correction or punishment in the form of a strong spanking or with the use of whip (or other tools).

While it's intensely erotic to think about a woman discipling me in such a physical way, it's much more powerful than the actual physical punishment if she delivers it with the extraordinary psychological value of an accompanying lecture.  It's also even more powerful if she subtly makes me know its going to happen way in advance, so i'm made to wait in fear for the actual event.....imagine the erotic intensity watching her powerful silent indication (by painting her nails a certain color, or by simply setting a spanking tool out on display in my clear site) warning me that I'll be the recipient of a very hard and humiliating physical spanking and then letting  time go by with me increasingly suffering in both fear and remorse before, not knowing when she'll actually administer the scolding.

Domestic discipline should be regular and consistent (at least on a weekly basis). Also remember, domestic discipline is also at least ten times more effective when delivered by a woman in the presence of another female watching or participating (so invite a girlfriend over and enjoy the fun together)!

Absolutely thrilling erotic mind play!!!

Strapon Humiliation

Ahh, the Strapon!   It's sooooo sexy to see a woman wearing a Strapon.  I have a love-hate relationship with this wonderful tool on the surface, but deep down it's pure love.  Even if she never puts it to use, just to see her wearing it gives me an incredible erotic rush of stimulation.

This is a complete exchange of power, allowing a woman to assert her female authority when wearing a Strapon.  It's humiliating, real, physical, and psychological artillery for making him feel like a sissy, punishing him, denying him (while not denying him), emasculating him, disciplining him, training him, etc.  It's also a great occasion to interrogate him, asking him humiliating and intrusive questions, while using the strap-on.

We have a big assortment of Strapon harnesses and dildos that can be worn by her or by me, but they just don't come out of their hiding place often enough.  This is the most basic of basic instruments that is a Must-Have in all households and should be put to regular consistent use.  I know of people who've made it a regular part of their week, consistently, like "Strapon-Saturdays" making use of this delightful tool every Saturday, no exceptions!

Remember to start small (and gradually increase the size if you want), use lots and lots of lubricant, and always clean your toys before and after use.

Sissy - Forced Feminization

Being a Sissy is just really who I am.  I'm not gay, but I love all things feminine, and I'm especially jealous of all the cute and sexy things women get to wear for clothes as well as the adorable pink side of life in general.

I have an enormous fetish for female lingerie and many of the other feminine clothing items.  I just love being "forcefully" treated like a sissy, and made to be very girly in things I do, what I buy, how I groom myself and of course how I'm dressed, etc.

I've been a Sissy all my life, but I've just hidden it for the most part.  I find it so erotically exciting to have my wife 'catch' me (well, she already knows for the most part) and FORCE ME to be her Sissy.  

It's not nearly as exciting to me if I have to do sissy things or dress in a sissy way on my own, as it ruins the whole erotic element of humiliation if I initiate these things.  For this to be erotic I must be forced, constantly reminded, and surprised (when I least expect it) by a firmly strict dominant female authority obliging me to be a Sissy for her amusement.  

Public Humiliation - In front of the Girls!

One thing that always gets me excited is public humiliation - or simply the prospect of being exposed in some humiliating situation in front of more than just female at the same time.

(Just to be clear, I don't like being humiliated or playing in front of men, it's a total turn-off).

When being humiliated in front of other women, the psychological and sexual impact of the erotic stimulation is exponentially more than humiliation in just a one-one-one scenario.  I would say at least 10 times more powerful with each additional female present!

This is by far the biggest set of images I have, probably because I find public humiliation so stimulating. My advise to females in control is to use other women around you to intensify the impact of your authority and his humiliation.

Personally, I only feel this excitement around beautiful or attractive women.  It's actually more of a turn-off for me if I'm humiliated in the presence of an unattractive women or a man, so I would hope that never happens.  However, the opportunity to use attractive women around me to humiliate me is sooooo easy, especially since its easy to see who I find attractive as I have no problem pointing beautiful women out, even when I try to be discreet and not get caught staring at them.  There are beautiful women everywhere, and so many would love to collaborate (spontaneously or planned) in an amusing situation of my public humiliation.


The biggest erotic stimulation I feel generally comes though humiliation with an erotic twist.  Fetishes and fantasies are pretty much all psychological for me, and humiliation administered by a dominant or authoritative female is incredibly exciting.

It's all in the way the woman firmly shows she's in charge and has control, while the man is in some silly predicament for her amusement or his punishment. To me, humiliation must be administered by FORCE against his will, otherwise, it just doesn't produce the desired effect.

Her "amusement" is the key to humiliation.  It makes an enormous difference on the erotic impact when the man can feel, see, and know that the woman is enjoying the situation with maximum delight.  If she's laughing, if she's happy, if she sweetly amused, then it's extraordinary and delightful.

Toys - Novelties - Erotic Treasures

From time to time I see interesting objects, toys, novelties, etc., and its nice to share some of the curious items.

I love the collection of pink toys... very sweet

The Ideal Femme

I adore women and all things feminine, especially those women who know how to use their feminine charm to assert Female Authority.

Here are some wonderful images of women who just turn me on in one way or another!!!

Erotically speaking, my ideal woman dresses either 'elegant & sophisticated' or 'girly & cute' on the outside; like a 'vintage fetish lingerie model' on the inside; has beautiful toned and fit body, with a piercing in her naval and a perfectly shaved or extremely well groomed pussy (with a piercing there too!)... she's super confident, polite, and refined in conversation, and uses here feminine charm, innocence, sweetness, and beauty to get her way in the day to day world.... in the bedroom she's a wild wild bitch, always firmly in control, an authentic Humiliatrix (who enjoy's administering humiliating predicaments for her amusement) and with a mind much much naughtier than mine (now, that's a very naughty mind).

Threats of Cuckolding

Almost as exciting (or perhaps even more exciting) as a hotwife "actually" cuckolding her husband is the "threat" of her about to cuckold him....just making him think it'll happen or its happening.

Cuckolding, like all the other humiliation interests I have, is mostly phsycological.  A woman can use so many ways tease and threaten that her husband is or will be cuckold, and the impact humiliation factor is unbelievably exciting!!!!

These are my some of my all time favorite images, because they give such a clear suggestion that the woman is about to, has, or is clearly willing to cuckold her husband... what fantastic ideas!

I just love the idea of a woman making her man think he'll be cuckold. Making him help her get ready to go out for a date, but then forcing him to stay home and wait for her; or wearing an ankle bracelet (universally known as a symbol she's open to having sex with other men); or packing condoms in her purse as he watches silently; or wearing the chastity key around her neck; or her slipping on a set of panties that clearly say "I don't fuck my husband" or "HotWife" (HotWife is the common term for a woman who cuckold's her husband); or handing him his morning coffee in a mug that says "cuckold" as a surprise......  so many, so many, so many wonderful ideas to play with his mind.

This is erotic mind-play that is definitely worth a try!!!  So, please do!

Cuckolding Humiliation and Teasing

Another side of Cuckholding is the intense stimulation of the humiliation that can accompany it.  Not only does the HotWife fuck another man, but she humilates her husband in the process.... often making him serve them both, exposing him as a sissy, or just emasculating him.   

Here's some erotic pictures of cuckold humiliation and teasing.....

Cuckold Denied - But Present

For some reason, "Cuckolding" has recently become one of my top erotic interests.  I'm not quite sure why, but it seems so erotic to think of watching my wife openly fuck another man while denying me. I fantasize about this all the time, and very very often when I'm having sex...and it makes me reach a climax almost immediately.

My wife know's about this interest of mine and she's talked about it a couple times during sex, each time making me so incredibly excited and bringing me to immediate orgasm.

These pictures are scenes where the "Cuckold" (the husband who's denied) is present and watching his "HotWife" (common term for the woman of a Cuckold) have sex with another man, while he himself is denied (usually in chastity). I thing they are absolutley awesome...

While cuckolding is intensely erotic and stimulating, I would only accept it in practice based on the conditions of some very hard limits.  It would have to be purely physical (just for the sex, and only for the sex, no emotional affection). The lover would have to be someone completely anonymous who doesn't know my wife or myself; and would never be seen again by either of us.....therefore, it would probably be a one-time spontaneous moment.  I'm interested in my wife just having a really good fuck in front of me and enjoying it....not her having a boyfriend or a lover.  Interracial cuckolding doesn't excite me much, but it doesn't bother me either, I suppose it's whatever she prefers.

Ultimately, the idea of cuckolding doesn't scare me at all if it were to really happen because I know who much my wife loves me, and she would never do anything to hurt me or damage our bond.   I would enjoy watching my wife simply going wild, screaming with pleasure and enjoying herself having an incredibly satisfactory fuck with a stranger.  I find it exciting that she would discover new ideas in such an episode, and then be able to hold me to a higher standard when I make love to her.  It would be her ultimate form of showing her control over me, and asserting my devotion.  Finally, while she would enjoy the variety, I'm sure she would conclude I'm a better lover....or at least tell me so (always so sweet).

While I'm open to cuckolding as a reality... it's better to start by testing the waters with a much safer, but just as erotic and exciting approach, which is her threatening to cuckold me - or making me thing its happening, just to play with my mind!

Cuckold Creampie Humiliation

As you may have seen so far, I find the prospect (especially the threat) of being cuckold extremely exciting and erotic.   One of the most humiliating things a "HotWife" (the female who cuckold's her man) can do is to show her cuckold another man's cum,....and even more humiliating, make the cuckold clean it up orally ("creampie").  It's intensely stimulating just to think about!

For the woman, I imagine a load of lover's cum produces such a variety of sensations, first something very erotic, but then something sticky, messy, and oozing everywhere.

Being allowed to cum in the first place is a privilege (at least while I'm in chastity), and being to able to cum inside my wife is even more of a privilege.  It's a privilege that more often than not (except on certain occasions) I should probably be denied (hint, hint), and always of course when I'm in made to believe I'm cuckold.  Therefore, the idea some other lover being able to cum with my wife, while I'm denied, and then me having to see the evidence is humiliating and exciting.... but it becomes deliciously humiliating when I think of my wife queening me and making me clean up every last drop with my tongue, or oozing out the contents of a condom into my mouth.

This is probably the ultimate humiliation, and it is in fact very extreme in reality... However, it's so easy to play with this idea without it actually happening by fooling me that it's for real with hardly any effort, and that itself is very exciting!  Something to try!

Torture & Punishment

Things that are painful have never really turned me on, and therefore I don't have a lot of positive things to say about torture and harsh physical punishment.  However, there is a certain level of femdom physical torture in the namesake of "behavior correction" and pure traditional erotic BDSM that I find erotic.

Some of these pictures are fairly extreme, but also very entertaining...and might lead to a few new ideas.

We frequently go to parties locally and abroad that have a lot of these extreme torture and more traditional BDSM elements to them.  I love to watch femdom activity like this as a voyeur.  If its not too painful, it could be fun if my wife takes a more extreme approach to behavior correction now and then ;)

Adoring and Begging Female Authority

Sometimes its nice just to see a woman exercising her female authority in such a confident dominant role.

When I look at some of these pictures, I realize I'm not the type of guy who enjoys kissing anyone's feet, but the the posture of having to pay respect to the woman who is so confidently demonstrating she is firmly in charge is quite erotic.

Sometimes I like to imagine that authoritative women in these images are consciously about to cuckold any of these men waiting by the door naked while as the wife is leaving, helping apply the toe polish, or helping to woman apply her shoes or stockings.

The Cage

I'm not a huge fan of bondage, but for some reason I do love a good cage.  being locked in a cage is total loss of liberty... and if your the female authority who locks someone up, there's soooooooooooo much you can do with your captive little prisoner.

We have an AWESOME cage at home which I had custom built as the bottom part of a very big whipping bench, queening stool, and massage table.   We don't much (enough) because it's very big and stored in a place where it's not always easy to access.... but with a little inspiration, it can easily be used much more often... maybe my wife can start getting weekly massages on top, while I'm locked below listening to her moan with pleasure (just a thought).  I can think of so many awesome uses for our cage - just look at these pictures to start!

Magazine / Book Covers, Advertising, etc

Looking at my blog, you can see I have a great appreciation for art, illustration, photos and collages. I also love vintage and classic images.  I've accumulated this collection of really cool book and magazine covers, web banners, advertisements, holiday cards, posters, etc.... which I'm sure you will enjoy having a look at.   some of them are absolutely cruel, while some are quite hilarious.

Cock Size Humiliation (Cuckhold)

Again, as I love humiliation, having my wife laugh at my cock size and tease me by suggesting that she would willingly cuckold me for a better cock is absolutely thrilling.

The few times she's jokingly suggested I have an unworthy cock, it was such a rush it almost made me orgasm immediately.  I can only imagine, if she would incorporate the concept of subtly teasing my cock size into everyday conversation in every situations when I least expect it. 

I love this cruel humiliation, and I love to think that my wife would (for only physical pleasure) openly desire the opportunity to cuckold me with a larger cock....or one thats just not locked up in chastity like mine!  

Adult Baby (ABDL) - Forced Regression

For me, everything started here...with diapers!  For as I can remember I loved the punishment of being forced back into diapers and treated like a baby by some strict maternal feminine authority.  When I first really started exploring my fetishes, this is where I began, and this is what I thought for the longest time was my only fetish which I had managed to keep super top top top secret.  It was from diapers and forced regression (being treated like a baby) that I discovered my interests in humiliation, chastity, being a sissy, and many more erotic interests.... all linked to the forceful use of female authority.

There are a lot of reasons why this is (and always will be) such a stimulating erotic fetish to me.  It started at such an early age when I was just a little boy and has been with me ever since, and it's what led me to respect, appreciate, and cherish the firm forceful hand of female authority.  There's no way to challenge maternal discipline... its strong, so manipulative, so firm and humiliating, yet at the same time so sweet and loving. 

Because I've had this fetish for so long, I have some deep rooted specific details that mark the difference between turn-on and turn off.   I'm not interested in being treated a baby all the time or most of the time, but I do like to be treated like a baby occasionally (forcefully, against my resistance) as a strict punishment for not acting like a grown up.  We have all the diapers, clothes, and accessories at our disposal at home, so all we need is the appropriate time for this to form part of our play.....for example, having too much gas, having stains in my panties, or just acting immature might be good excuses for putting in diapers for the night.  Once in diapers, I'm no position to avoid being sissified and humiliated as well....if she so wishes ;) 

Getting Caught, Surprised, and Confronted

Getting caught with a hand in panty drawer (so to speak) is by far one my most erotic fantasies.  The few times I was actually caught either wearing or just snooping around some women's panties resulted in such a enormous rush and provided me incredibly powerful subsequent erotic stimulation (even though at the time I was completely embarrassed).  It was sooooo uncomfortably humiliating and exciting!

I just love the first picture in this slideshow... I had it custom drawn for me by Barb.

Getting caught possessing or doing something naughty is an ESSENTIAL part of starting down the path of all the other humiliation interests I have.

I can't decide which I like more, the humilation of being caught and confronted directly by surprise, or realizing I was probably caught but not being confronted at all right away (so that instead I'm just wondering how much the woman who caught me saw, and what she must be thinking until she eventually mentions something or does something about it).  For example, many years ago I used to fantasize about a girlfriend borrowing my computer and secretly 'catching' me with an open web-page about diaper fetishes (ABDL), but instead of mentioning anything at all I would be left wondering in fear if she actually saw what I was reading, and the next day I'd be surprised and humiliated to find my underwear drawer replaced with diapers....without any confrontation, she would've humiliated me and forced me to confess to my naughty fetish.

Now that I often openly wear female panties in front of my wife, and even keep a dedicated panty drawer just for me, its less possible to get the same effect of being "caught" by her with just panties.....However, being caught by any other female (females only of course!!!) would still be such an incredible rush.  My wife could still "catch" or "surprsise" me now in many different ways, but she'd have to catch me wearing more than just panties (maybe a bra or other feminine things), or take a picture or video of me wearing panties without me knowing (to use as blackmail), find something I've hidden (some sex toy, book, or feminie things) and bring it out to confront me, or maybe catching me writing this blog?

Of course, after "catching" someone, the many ways a woman can use these situations are extremely powerful (fun blackmail, direct or indirect humiliation, punishment, etc).  One of the most effective outcomes would be to use the situation as an opportunity for punishment or humiliation by simply encouraging (in a very kind, but forceful way) or enforcing the same behavior to a very strong humiliating extreme in order to teach a very hard and unforgettable lesson.  


Icons and Signs

Sometimes I think just simple Symbols, Icons, and Signs can say so much and be so effective!  I just love this collection of different things that symbolize all the wonderful erotic interests I have.

I wish my wife would include some of these symbols when she emails me for example, or have some of them made into kitchen magnets for our refrigerator, screensavers on her mobile, or luggage tags for my travel bags.     Enjoy!

Forced Bi and Cuckold

First thing, loud and clear - I'm not Gay.   However, if my wife would FORCE ME to suck another man's cock I would almost certainly comply as long as she was forceful (I love being forced to something for her amusement) enough, and she made a point of really ENJOYING humiliating me like that.  It's incredible humiliating to have to suck cock,...which is why I find it sooooooo very exciting.

I can think of a few scenarios which could logically lead me into this predicament... being taught an extra hard and extreme lesson for being caught acting like a sissy (sissy girls must be prepared to suck cock just like regular girls)... or being cuckold and having my wife suck the cock of her lover either before she starts or when she's finished, ...or being forced by wife and a group of women together in a humiliating predicament of one (only one!) other guy getting his cock sucked by me for their viewing pleasure and amusement, ...or being forced to suck a cock through the bars of my cage in order to get an opportunity to be released later.....or having a to suck the cock of another sissy if I loose a competition (who can clean the house better, etc)...  actually the more and more I think about it, more scenarios come to mind. 

Just to set some ground rules though:  1) I would only do this if I was forced to by authoritative and sweet feminine charm.  2) I think I would prefer to be blindfolded.  3) I would probably want him (who's cock I would suck) to be blindfolded - and preferably not know who I am. 4) I would only want to do this in front of my wife or multiple women (a girls party), but not in front of any other man watching (cause that would be a turn-off).  5) I'm not interested in being penetrated by another guy (no anal sex) at all. 

Chastity and Milking

I discovered male chastity devices while reading on the internet at ABDL and Sissy sites almost 10 years ago.  I find chastity so stimulating because the exchange of power is so awesome when one's own penis becomes locked up and under the sole control of the female keyholder.

I was an early adopter and I'm still a firm believer in male chastity devices.  I have the CB2000, CB3000, CB6000, and several other devices, but the one I use the most is the Birdlocked (because the flexible material makes it more comfortable).   

My wife and I play with chastity more than any other fetish, and I enjoy this play quite a lot because I consider it the basis for control which can be used to force me to comply with other often humiliating predicaments that interest me...like being sissified, queening, sissymaid, cuckolding, domestic discpline, the cage, strapon, etc.

Practically speaking, its not very comfortable (nor hygenic) to wear a chastity device for more than a few days at a time (despite what anyone might say)... and I wouldn't want to, but the threat of having to is always interesting.  As long as there are frequent breaks, it can be used as a full-time tool.   One of the great things about chastity is that it engages the male full-time with a constant reminder of his fetish and her authority, while the female keyholder doesn't need to dedicate much more time to him other than when the device goes on and when it comes off, if she doesn't want to...however, it's always better if she at least verbally teases him on a constant basis if possible. 

I also find the process of "milking" to be very erotic.  Milking is basically masturbation which can be done with or (more often) without pleasure to ejaculate the male.  We never really implement milking in our chastity play, but it's a welcome idea to explore.  It can even be done the chastity device on (through prostate massage), but more practically with the device off.  There are lots of ways to make it as exciting or dry and non-stimulating as the administering female authority desires. 


"Queening" refers to the assertive posture of a female receiving oral pleasure or oral worship. Without a doubt, my all time number one favorite sexual activity is giving oral pleasure to a woman.

I absolutely love being "Queened".  I must say, with this being my absolute favorite sexual position, I've become an expert at providing extraordinary pleasure to a woman this way. I can go on for hours and hours without stopping, and it's so erotic and so stimulating to me that I forget about any sort of need for receiving any form of pleasure myself from the woman in return.

It's an awesome display of female authority (and therefore, the "Queen") when a woman straddles over the loving tongue serving her, or even more so when she holds an restrains his head between her legs so that it's impossible for him to pull away or stop.... absolutely intoxicating to me!!!!  

At home, we have a special cage which has a built in "Queening" stool for her to sit on comfortably, while my head is rested in place firmly below and between her legs directly pushing my nose and tongue up against her to give her pleasure.... we should use it more often!  Being "forced" to administer the pleasure without stopping by being locked or restrained in position makes it even more thrilling for me.  Oh, and if she were to tease me while I'm doing it by telling me that I'm cleaning up a creampie left by a lover.... wow, that would be incredible!!