Enjoy peeking into my naughty mind to discover some inspirational ideas for exciting, humiliating, and erotic methods & fantasies of enforcing strict female authority

Sissy - Forced Feminization

Being a Sissy is just really who I am.  I'm not gay, but I love all things feminine, and I'm especially jealous of all the cute and sexy things women get to wear for clothes as well as the adorable pink side of life in general.

I have an enormous fetish for female lingerie and many of the other feminine clothing items.  I just love being "forcefully" treated like a sissy, and made to be very girly in things I do, what I buy, how I groom myself and of course how I'm dressed, etc.

I've been a Sissy all my life, but I've just hidden it for the most part.  I find it so erotically exciting to have my wife 'catch' me (well, she already knows for the most part) and FORCE ME to be her Sissy.  

It's not nearly as exciting to me if I have to do sissy things or dress in a sissy way on my own, as it ruins the whole erotic element of humiliation if I initiate these things.  For this to be erotic I must be forced, constantly reminded, and surprised (when I least expect it) by a firmly strict dominant female authority obliging me to be a Sissy for her amusement.  


  1. I totally agree with every point you make.

  2. I am an old man now but all my life I have loved feminine underclothes. Oh I don't wear the bra but I have made or had made by some women friends, various styles and shapes of panties. My latest was a woman who now advertises on the net and has ber business cards posted in landromats, public bulletin boards and handouts with other advertisements. She now has a thriving business. She has learned how to ease the crotch to accommodate various packages. She has devised a A, B, C coding similar to bra cups for her lines of products.

    The bottom line is that I now wear her products exclusively and my GFs simply adore the look, especially the very first time they see them.


  3. I told my so-called boyfriend, this Halloween I'm picking his costume he will be wearing,after a feminine bubble bath, and shaved off body hair, waxed eyebrows too? " Vegas showgirl! Gretchen!

  4. I was 14 when an older male neighbor who I did yard-work for took me in and forced me to dress in panties, watch porn with him, and made me suck his cock, what I didn't relize was that after the first few times I really enjoyed it, he took his time slowly sissifying me, a few months later he had me begging for him to fuck me sissifyme4pleasure@yahoo.com

  5. I was 12 when this old guy picked me up at tbe bus stop. we rode around for a while,, then he parker and started to play with me, I was scared but it feel good, after he sucked me off, that was great. and he gave me $5.00 and called me his boy whore