Enjoy peeking into my naughty mind to discover some inspirational ideas for exciting, humiliating, and erotic methods & fantasies of enforcing strict female authority


"Queening" refers to the assertive posture of a female receiving oral pleasure or oral worship. Without a doubt, my all time number one favorite sexual activity is giving oral pleasure to a woman.

I absolutely love being "Queened".  I must say, with this being my absolute favorite sexual position, I've become an expert at providing extraordinary pleasure to a woman this way. I can go on for hours and hours without stopping, and it's so erotic and so stimulating to me that I forget about any sort of need for receiving any form of pleasure myself from the woman in return.

It's an awesome display of female authority (and therefore, the "Queen") when a woman straddles over the loving tongue serving her, or even more so when she holds an restrains his head between her legs so that it's impossible for him to pull away or stop.... absolutely intoxicating to me!!!!  

At home, we have a special cage which has a built in "Queening" stool for her to sit on comfortably, while my head is rested in place firmly below and between her legs directly pushing my nose and tongue up against her to give her pleasure.... we should use it more often!  Being "forced" to administer the pleasure without stopping by being locked or restrained in position makes it even more thrilling for me.  Oh, and if she were to tease me while I'm doing it by telling me that I'm cleaning up a creampie left by a lover.... wow, that would be incredible!!


  1. I fully understand this. I have held this feeling all of my life. It is a truly giving and adoring situation. Where your woman deserves to be worshipped - then this is the ultimate bond.

  2. I wish I could find someone to do this to me.

  3. I was with Pat for awhile, she loved oral and would sit on my face while she watched TV. One day I wore my maids outfit for her, a lot of laughs, but from that day forward I had to be at her house before her, in my outfit and on my knees when she walked in from work. After dinner and my doing the dishes I was required to undress her, and kiss every part of her, this was the first time she bent over and told me to kiss her butt, I did, it was clean and she loved it. That became a daily occurrence, but over time I noticed that her butt was not as clean as the first time. She came home one day, usual dinner, undressing and worship but this day she climbed on the bed on all fours, spread her legs wide apart and presented her butt to me. I kneeled down and Pat looks back and starts laughing at me. Strange, I have done this many times already, what was so funny? As I start to put my face to her butt I notice an odor, She did not clean herself at all, in fact I wonder if she even wiped herself. She just kneeled there looking back at me smiling. As long as I am wearing an outfit I am very submissive, I put my tongue to her crack and start licking, I make sure that the crack is clean and than I stick my tongue inside to make sure that is clean also. After using the bathroom to clean myself and my mouth I come out, Pat is in a robe on the sofa, I kneel at her feet and she smiles, saying that she told her girlfriend at work about me and it was her idea to leave her butt dirty to see how submissive I was. I passed the test and her friend is asking if I have any friends like me.

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