Enjoy peeking into my naughty mind to discover some inspirational ideas for exciting, humiliating, and erotic methods & fantasies of enforcing strict female authority

Adult Baby (ABDL) - Forced Regression

For me, everything started here...with diapers!  For as I can remember I loved the punishment of being forced back into diapers and treated like a baby by some strict maternal feminine authority.  When I first really started exploring my fetishes, this is where I began, and this is what I thought for the longest time was my only fetish which I had managed to keep super top top top secret.  It was from diapers and forced regression (being treated like a baby) that I discovered my interests in humiliation, chastity, being a sissy, and many more erotic interests.... all linked to the forceful use of female authority.

There are a lot of reasons why this is (and always will be) such a stimulating erotic fetish to me.  It started at such an early age when I was just a little boy and has been with me ever since, and it's what led me to respect, appreciate, and cherish the firm forceful hand of female authority.  There's no way to challenge maternal discipline... its strong, so manipulative, so firm and humiliating, yet at the same time so sweet and loving. 

Because I've had this fetish for so long, I have some deep rooted specific details that mark the difference between turn-on and turn off.   I'm not interested in being treated a baby all the time or most of the time, but I do like to be treated like a baby occasionally (forcefully, against my resistance) as a strict punishment for not acting like a grown up.  We have all the diapers, clothes, and accessories at our disposal at home, so all we need is the appropriate time for this to form part of our play.....for example, having too much gas, having stains in my panties, or just acting immature might be good excuses for putting in diapers for the night.  Once in diapers, I'm no position to avoid being sissified and humiliated as well....if she so wishes ;) 


  1. Exciting post... thanks for the background and exciting pics!! New fantasy! :) Z

  2. love it.very very nice

  3. sounds like fun

  4. Being a very masculine little boy, the worst thing was to be teased "you're acting like a little girl" or "you're acting like a baby." So I grew up to be a very (outwardly) macho male, but with a terrible and exciting secret....I'm really a little sissy baby who adores frilly panties and being teased and humiliated by girls. Please visit my blog?
    Missy Marine
    Robyn-Anne Tinklepanties

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  6. Being kept in diapers and rubber pants as a young child I remember being helpless. I wore my sisters clothes (dresses, sissy socks shoes) and the rubber pants (mostly pink) popped as the passed over my boney knee caps. Once streched into place over my diaper, they couldn't be removed. I was sent outside to sit on the front steps and other kids came from blocks around to see the fairy. Changing time usually meant the entire family watched as my diaper was changed. When company stopped by, I was paraded in front of them. Called names, sissy, fag, queer, I was also brought to dentist dressed this way. The dentist admonished my mother for turning me into a fruitcake. She told him to mind his own business. Today, I still wear diapers and dresses. The wonderful woman who married me knows what makes me tick. I'm very lucky!