Enjoy peeking into my naughty mind to discover some inspirational ideas for exciting, humiliating, and erotic methods & fantasies of enforcing strict female authority

Erotic Body Writing

I’ve always found body writing to be so incredibly sexy.    Perhaps it’s because written words seem to be even more intense than spoken ones.  In any case, a semi-permanent (hard-to-wash-off) magic marker can evoke incredible erotic stimulation.  It also seems to be so fun; and unlike a tattoo, with a lot of scrubbing, it’ll eventually go away.

As I browse through images of these splendorous works of art on the body, I realized my collection seems to fall into 3 categories:
1)      Erotic Body Writing:  Meaningful phrases, words, or just calligraphy written sensually on the skin in just a really sexy way.  (I would enjoy undressing my wife so much to find her decorated like this)
2)      Hot-Wife Body Writing:  Bold phrases and words written on a Hot-Wife, painting her as a promiscuous, anything-goes, all-out-whore, sex-machine while she’s willingly with other guys and cuckolding her poor husband.  (Having her come/leave-home and show me her body like this would make me feel so cuckold and humiliated!!!)
3)      Labled by Force: Humiliating phrases and words written by Force on a sissy’s body to completely humiliate him in a semi-permanent way.   (I wonder if she would have the guts to start writing on my body what she really thinks of me…then put me in a position where it’s exposed to her Girlfriends…or bull)

If anyone gets inspired, I’d love to start accumulating a collection of images of people with “For International Sissy Boy” written on their body…it would be an amazing show of support.  Hint, hint : )     For now, here are some great images, by category:   

First up,  Erotic Body Writing:

And Here’s some deliscious Hot-Wife Body Writing:

And, Labeled By Force: