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Naughty Phrases for Panties (and t-shirts)

I love personalized panties and shirts, and I'd like to start acumulating a collection for the Mrs. and I. Just simple words and phrases can be so direct.

Most all of these that are for "her" can be worn with pride and fun,.... while those intended for "him" are so devilishly humiliating, he'd have to be forced to wear them..... but that's all the fun,

I'm also developing a separate list of short phrases that would be nice on a pair of panties... some for her, and some for me. If you have any good ideas, drop me a line of leave a comment:

This is also a shout out to Suzanne at All Mine, who also appeared interested in nice phrases for panties in this post on Designer Panties for Dommes not so long ago, and has a very entertaining blog: