Enjoy peeking into my naughty mind to discover some inspirational ideas for exciting, humiliating, and erotic methods & fantasies of enforcing strict female authority

About This Place

As long as I remember I’ve been absolutely in love with all things feminine and have enjoyed and respected the power of female authority.  My interests  in fetishes and sexual misadventure has evolved and changed substantially over the years, but always seems to follow the theme of female authority. 

I don’t feel submissive per se, in the sense that I’m not in the least bit excited at volunteering my submission to anyone.   Instead, what I crave is female authority being 'forced' upon me, in the sweetest, kindest, and most cruel ways only a woman or girl can do.    While I love so many aspects of the Femdom lifestyle, I’ve found that what most excites me is strict authority imposed by a woman and humiliation as the tool to enforce it.  

I’m very fortunate to have a wonderful wife who is generally open to indulging in my fantasies, but she has very little inspiration or vision into the details that really turn me on.  I know exactly what those details are, but I fantasize about these wicked situations of control and humiliation coming from her mind, completely as an element of surprise.   I’ve spent many years trying to find the right way to introduce my wife to ideas for using female domination (for lack of a better term) in our relationship in a way that stimulates both of us.  The stimulation of nearly any situation is almost always ruined if I tell her what I want in advance. In this sense, it really needs to be "her initiative" in just about every situation in order for it to be a pleasurable erotic experience.....I can only help her by providing lots of ideas and inspiration. 

So this blog is designed as a place where my wife and hopefully many other woman can discover some wonderful inspirational ideas by peaking into my naughty mind, without the awkwardness of openly talking about these wild thoughts in person.    In general, I’m a very visual person who simply loves erotic art, so much of what I have to share is in the form of pictures.