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Cuckolding Alone (Hotwife without her cuckold nearby)

As much as I enjoy the thought of being there to watch and whiteness my wife cuckold me by having sex with another lover, I also find it so incredibly erotic to think of her just enjoying herself with another lover without me in the room watching.  

I would find it so exciting to receive pictures of her like the ones here below, showing her oozing with pleasure and enjoying a really good time without me.   It would be such an erotic turn-on for her to send pictures like these with little notes like "wish you were here", "having more fun than ever", or "I'm so glad you enjoy being cuckold", etc.   

So many intensely erotic teasing messages could accompany any photo of her enjoying such a wonderful time like this!  That would be simply delightful!

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  1. Very interesting blog you have. Well done, and I appreciate some of your notions on cuckolding.