Enjoy peeking into my naughty mind to discover some inspirational ideas for exciting, humiliating, and erotic methods & fantasies of enforcing strict female authority

Ideas To Spice Up Normal Sexual Encounters

Here are some ways you can use your knowledge of his fantasies to make your normal sexual encounters to more exciting:

·         Talk with him about his fantasies. Ask him to reveal more about his fantasies to you.
·         Stop him before making love or letting him penetrate you and make him ask you for permission.  Then make him thank you before and afterwards.
·         Tease him that you are only using him for practice and that you only really enjoy it when you are fucking another guy.
·         Talk about other, better lovers.
·         Tease his penis and his ability to satisfy you.
·         As a surprise, make him put a condom on.  Tell him that you are not ready to let him cum inside you except on very very special occasions.  Tell him that is a privilege you might allow someone else, but definitely not him. (be sure to keep the contents of the condom for later use)
·         Practice “Orgasm Control” training on him.  Learn how to stop, force, or ruin his orgasms through your commands.
·         Talk to him about your fantasies. Tell him some of the crazy things you fantasize about.  Don't be shy or embarrassed, because he will definitely enjoy hearing about them.
·         Re-live past experiences by reminding him of exciting times and ways you've fucked before. 
·         Threaten him…tell him you will do something naughty to him that you know he fantasizes about.
·         Force him go down on you and lick you clean after you both orgasm.  Make it a general rule that he must clean you up with his tongue every time he cums.  Tease him that he should get used to taste cum dripping from you, whether he's had an orgasm or not, because next time it probably will be someone else’s cum he’ll be licking from between your legs.
·         Stop him in the middle and bring out the chastity cage and set it next to you and don't say anything, then slowly let him continue to make love to you.
·         Stop him when you are making love and make him pull out, then Queen him as a surprise.  Don't let him have any room to move his head out of the way, hold it in place strong
·         Collect his milk for a rainy day. Each time he cums, collect what you can in an ice tray or cup.  You can freeze it and use it later to tease him and play with his mind.
·         Tell him you’re going to make him watch you have sex with someone else and learn how it should be done. 
·         Simply stop him in the middle of making love, make him pull out of you and tell him you don't want to continue. Make him pull out and put on a strapon instead in order to bring you to orgasm.
·         Tease him about what his ex-girlfriends must have thought of him, and his pathetic fetishes.  Tell him that you've had a chance to talk with one of them and you heard from her that she knew about his perverted secrets.  Tell him that she just laughed so hard listening to all the ways you humiliate him now and asked if she can help humiliate him some time.  Tease about what they must do now with their boyfriends, which they could of probably never done with him.
·         When kissing passionately and about to make love, as soon as he takes his pants off, stop him, then him bring him to the mirror and tell him to look at himself in panties. Take him to the full length mirror and make him look at himself. Tell him you can't fuck a guy who wears panties, then either get a strapon or ask him to find you a real man. 
·         Make him pay money for the opportunity to serve you or have sex with you.  Tell him that he needs to put up some cash if he wants you to even consider having anything to do with his pathetically small and insufficient penis.
·         talk about other cocks when you are having sex with him… let him know you would prefer something else, something better.
·         Take lots of pictures of naughty, sexy, and perverted pictures of each other.


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