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Feminine - Sissy Subscriptions

Subscribe your sissy to feminine magazines.  Get your sissy some regular magazine subscriptions to the most girly of girly magazines, and make him catch up on the latest in beauty and gossip for women. 

Every month when the magazine subscriptions arrive, it will serve as a humiliating reminder that you officially acknowledge, accept, and encourage him to be a sissy.   It will also be an embarrassment for anyone seeing his name addressed as "Miss Sissy (name)" on each of the magazines as they come through the mail.  Some of them might even have sticker on the face of the magazine which can be strategically displayed for his embarrassment and humiliation in front of visiting girlfriends when they casually pick it up off the coffee table.

Make sure you have the magazines specifically addressed to "Miss Sissy (and then his name)".   Say nothing until they arrive, and then watch his humiliation as you silently acknowledge they are especially for him.  Try to get his name onto all the girly mailing lists that the magazines provide.     When you are at a kiosk,  getting on a plane, or sitting in an office and you want some press tell him  (while everyone is listening) "I'm going to get a newspaper, do you want one of your girly or sissy magazines as usual?"

Do this as a surprise for him, so that when the magazines start to arrive he will get a sudden rush of humiliation.     

Have your friends quiz him about the latest in gossip and beauty.  If he's unable to answer anything that is written in the magazines, make sure you punish him hard later.  That will get him in the habit making sure the thoroughly reads the magazines and packs them with him on his trips.


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