Enjoy peeking into my naughty mind to discover some inspirational ideas for exciting, humiliating, and erotic methods & fantasies of enforcing strict female authority

Girly Home Wear

Enforce a strict “No Pants” policy at home.  Make it a rule that within 3 minutes of entering the home, he must remove his pants (unless you have guests of course).   Tell him he’s allowed to wear anything feminine, like skirts, dresses, or stockings to keep his legs warm, but absolutely no pants under any circumstances.  Enforce the rule!

Buy him a girls skirt to wear when he's at home… tell him you want to get him used to wearing skirts and dresses, since he wants to be treated like a sissy (or deserves to be treated that way) you want to oblige him and train him well.    If he doesn’t have skirts, take him shopping..and make him try them on of course!

Remind him that this is an obligation since you have plenty of pictures a proof of his fetishes…and that there will be absolutely no turning back now!    


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