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HotWife Ankle Bracelet

Start wearing a “HotWife” ankle bracelet on a regular basis (every day), let him discover it.   Ask him to buy you one for Christmas!

An ankle bracelet is already bit of an international symbol of a woman who is willing to play around, but you should have your ankle bracelet definitely include some sort of charms or symbols that emphasize the point if possible. 

You can also wear his chastity key on your ankle bracelet.



  1. at least give props to where you took the pictures http://www.nipplecharms.com

  2. Have -him- wear an ankle bracelet. Something nicely feminine with a butterfly and/or few cock shaped charms.. Require that it be worn at all times, even under boy clothes. A pre-planned trip to the beach is a nice added touch. He'll know the little cocks around his ankles will be seen by one and all. obvously choose the beach wisely.