Enjoy peeking into my naughty mind to discover some inspirational ideas for exciting, humiliating, and erotic methods & fantasies of enforcing strict female authority

Queen Him While on the Phone

Speak with someone on the telephone while you queen him, or just command him to come over and start giving you oral pleasure while you are already on the phone. This forces him to be extra quiet while he's giving you pleasure, all the while he's listening to you speak to whomever and ignoring him. 

The idea is humiliate him by making him give you pleasure at the same time he can hear you laughing and having a gossip session with one of your girlfriends  (or maybe even a sexy conversation with another guy).

this works when you have some sort of pre-established way of indicating he should start pleasuring you, so you don't have to interrupt the conversation. Otherwise I suggest you simply say "It's time for you to Obey the Queen"… which should be interpreted as a clear instruction to start.

Do this when the phone rings and you know you'll be talking with someone for a while and you can see he's not busy.  Do it whenever you sense that he's eavesdropping, so you can re-concentrate his activities.

Don't stop when you hang up the phone, just let him keep going and finish you off.


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