Enjoy peeking into my naughty mind to discover some inspirational ideas for exciting, humiliating, and erotic methods & fantasies of enforcing strict female authority

Queen him After Sex

Queen him during or immediately after fucking him.   This is intensely erotic as you make him go down and give you pleasure and lick up any fluids left in your pussy while you were fucking him (otherwise referred to as a “creampie”).

The idea is to make him give you post fucking oral pleasure and to humiliate him by making him taste your pussy after you've had sex.  This is very similar to the effect of queening him after cuckolding him… and it’s a great way to tease him that it’s like licking up the creampie left by a lover.  It all is a way for you to assert you feminine authority over him, and him to show he accepts it.  I love this idea!

Without saying anything, just immediately after him pulling out of you after intercourse you should firmly grab his head and guide it to your pussy and hold it in place.  When he's licking you,  tell him, "I don't want my panties to get messy when I put them back on, so you better clean up everything, spotless"... or  "I want you to get some good practice in cleaning up my pussy with your tongue after I've been fucked....I'll be requiring you to do it when I cuckold you". 

I read about this from a Female-Led-Relationship blog where the woman made this a rule every time she had intercourse with her husband.   I think that's a wonderful idea, and I would love for my wife to make it a rule as default that I have to go down and lick her clean after intercourse every time, unless she makes an exception asks me not too.

If you don't force him to do this it will never happen and it will never be stimulating.  you need to make it a strict rule, and let him know there are serious consequences for not obeying.  you need to guide his head down your self... try it first during intercourse (stopping him in the middle and making him do it so he get used to the idea) and then the next time make him do it immediately after he cums. Don't be afraid that it’s disgusting, and don't let him off the hook.  After he orgasms, he will likely not have the energy or interest in going down on you, but this is exactly why you need to force it to make it happen. If he proactively does it, don't stop him...instead encourage him. 


  1. I love this story and want to forward it to my wife, I just wish it hadn't said anything about cuckolding I don't want my wife to get the wrong idea