Enjoy peeking into my naughty mind to discover some inspirational ideas for exciting, humiliating, and erotic methods & fantasies of enforcing strict female authority

Take Breaks Queening Him for Multiple Orgasms, while he waits.

Queen him until you orgasm, then take a short break and come back 10 minutes later and do it again…. Repeat it several times if possible.  You may need to restrain him or lock him up in a position where you can queen him without him moving afterwards, so he just has to wait, again and again.  Like anyone, you'll probably be extra sensitive after each orgasm, so you'll want to have a short break...but his service to you should not end just cause you need a break.

This is a play with his mind and to make him think he will need to give you pleasure again, and again, and again, not every knowing when you will stop.  It will make him feel used, and completely at your service.

Each time you orgasm tell him "not bad", but he'll have to "do better next time", and he'll "be able to practice all afternoon/night".  If he thinks he's finished, tell him strictly that he's not done until you say so, and that you are just going for a cafe for a few minutes, and he shouldn't move because you'll be back. Tell him he should spend this break thinking about how to make his oral service for you more pleasurable. Tell him "Practice makes perfect" and he still "needs a lot of practice".

You can do this anytime when you'll have at least an hour or two to play with him. You'll probably like to have him restrained and locked up so he doesn't move when you take your break. If you are teasing him by queening him while not letting him watch a watch a TV program, this is a perfect time to make him service you again and again.  Or , in the morning for example, you may use each break get a cafe, take a shower, have breakfast, etc...making him think it might go on all day long!

Make sure you don't let him take a break in between.  It's very important he stay in the same position "waiting" to service you while you do your things. You should make him pleasure you at least 3 times at he very minimum, in order to make your point.

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