Enjoy peeking into my naughty mind to discover some inspirational ideas for exciting, humiliating, and erotic methods & fantasies of enforcing strict female authority

Sissy Tan Lines

A sissy girl should have tan lines that perfectly show they wear a string bikini.  If you have a garden or terrace, lock (tie) him down to a sun bathing chair wearing a full bikini and leave him there for an hour so he develops some nice tan lines.  Alternatively, bring your sissy as a surprise to a tanning salon wearing a bikini (top and bottom) or a bra and panties, and escort him into the tanning cabin.  Handcuff his hands over his head to the bar above his head inside the tanning cabin and give him a nice long tanning session.... you can repeat this several days in a row.  Then offer him a massage afterwards, by a very cute woman.

This is an absolutely delicious way to humiliate your sissy and to keep constantly reminded that he's to be treated as a sissy girl until the tan lines disappear, which may take several weeks.   It's a fantastic punishment if you catch him without a bra or in some way refusing to wear the feminine clothes you require him to.   Every time he looks in the mirror he will be reminded of his predicament.  He will also have to avoid being seen naked in the gym and other situations.

You should sweetly, softly and firmly encourage him to get a nice tan, explaining to him how sexy he will look .  Tell him you will only allow him to tan in a full bikini or bra and panties.  You can also explain to him that this is the punishment for not wearing a bra regularly under his clothes, and that if he doesn't feel comfortable wearing one, then he will have to have visible tan lines.  Then you can turn it up a notch once he has the tan lines by threatening to make him change his shirt in front of another woman or girlfriend.  You could even follow through with the threat by having him try on shirts in front of a sales girl at a shop.

Make sure he's wearing a bikini (top and bottom) or a complete bra and panties every time he tans, and make sure the garments are in the exact same place each time, so the tan lines become more evident.  You can also take the opportunity to write "Sissy Girl" in strong sun block cream on his back or stomach while he tans so that he has an additional tanned reminder.

You should do this as a surprise when he least expects it, or as a punishment when he's caught without feminine lingerie on. 

Bring him to a tanning salon and accompany him to the cabin.  If you have to explain to the attendant, It shouldn't be a problem.  You can have the tanning salon woman either know or not know what's going on - you decide.  If you have her know, you may want to have her come in at the end to unlock his hands.  You may also want to enlist a girlfriend to help you with this delicious idea.

This is only exciting if you Force it on him.  Don't let him get away with going into the tanning salon himself without you, he will not feel forced, and it will not have the same effect.  Make sure you lock his hands to the tanning cabin bar, so there is no way he can move or remove what he is wearing.  Make sure you re-enforce a tan a couple of times, and make sure you have hi in chastity or have some other method of making him go to the tanning salon.  Don't get afraid of him having some tan lines, they will go away after a few weeks, no problem.


  1. My black pencil thin landing strip is so stark against my milky white skin always covered by the same carefully placed microkini for my sunbathing. My pink tattooed nipples are barely covered by my microkini top always adjusted for perfect alignment of course. My click is only 4" long and curves down so it poses no problem in my very skimpy sunsuit. With my hormone treatments hairstyles makeup and hiheel sandals I pass very convincingly at the beach. I love to flirt... especially with the big body builder boys. My soon to be husband and mom make sure my flirting doesn't get me in any trouble. I would like to lay down on my beach blanket in front of all the boys and rip my suit off... exposing my hard click... to see their very shocked faces and bulging speedos...

  2. yes one day i got caught putting on a women swim suit it was my friend wife that happen to walk in to my house i did not hear her come in but i heard her yell what are you up to i look around and there she was may i told her what are you doing here well i did not have to work so i thought i come for coffee but i see you are in a girl swim suit i told her let me change and i get coffee no you stray the way you are just then she remove her clothes under that was a lovey red bikini suit i told her she look lovey in that just then she walk over and kiss my lips and then told me if you like this will go no futher then she look at me its too bad your breast are small then she said look you get two cup of coffee and i will be back but you better be in that i told i will in a short time she was back in her hand was a bag she walk over and remove my top then she toke out two fake breasts and glue them on me and then tie my top back up then i was show a mirror there my new girl friend has tits now i ask her what she mean by that you are going to be my sissy girl bitch just then she pull out a strap-on cock while after that day my day as a man was over i became her bitch and play thing and yes i just love her strap-on cock

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