Enjoy peeking into my naughty mind to discover some inspirational ideas for exciting, humiliating, and erotic methods & fantasies of enforcing strict female authority

Diaper Punishment for Acting Inmature

Force him into diapers as a punishment for acting childlike or complaining to much.

Tell him "your acting like a little baby, so that’s exactly how your will be treated for the rest of the day…..I think I'm going to have to put you in diapers tonight”.  

If he protests, then say "I guess you want to be in diapers for the next 2 days….. Do you want a 3rd?"


  1. women have no damn rite too punish teir husbands

    ( except woman should fight back when their husband attacks em. )

  2. Hell Ya From Nc!!!!

  3. yes woman do. when husbands like me are naughty my wife needs to put me in my place. im her sissy diaper bitch because i couldnt keep it in my pants. now i keep everything in my pants instead of the toilet.

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