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Next Time Around?

So, next week my Ex-girlfriend is coming to spain to visit us again for the weekend, just like last year. We actually see her and her husband a few times a year and my wife and her since have become good friends.

Since the moment she said she was coming, I haven't been able to resist thinking of the day out shopping last year and the "missed opportunities" my wife could've used to play with my mind and discreetly humiliate me in front of my Ex.

I'm really curious to see if my wife remembers the post I made last year (here), and if any naughty plans of humiliation or teasing me have past through her mind this time.

Of course, letting my own mind fantasize, I've imagined what could happen might start off something like this:

While we are now at a sea-side luxury resort until the weekend, a couple of days before the weekend my wife would start executing a sinister plan to seriously play with my mind and tease me while my Ex is in town. First, she'll prepare me for the visit by getting me to put on the chastity device. As a surprise when I exit one of my super-long relaxing showers, I'll walk naked into the bedroom to get dressed and find my wife sitting on the bed with her computer open beside her showing this blog on one side of her and my chastity device (which she know's I have in my toiletry bag) next to her laying clean and ready to install with some vasaline.

She will have put a chair in front of her a few feet away and as I approach she will softly say "I need to talk with you about something important, so sit in the chair facing me". She'll quietly ask me not to speak, but instead to listen; then she'll take a minute or two of powerful silence before starting her chat. Then she'll say something like: "you know, i need to have your undivided attention and no-nonsense cooperation over the next 3-4 days...but lately, you are not so cooperative when I ask you to use the chastity device. So, I'm going to give you a choice. A) You can either put this chastity device on before you get dressed now, or B) when your Ex is visitng, I can tell her all about your naughty fantasies and even show her your drawer full of panties, or your blog directly...if I don't decide to just send her the link sometime beforehand. So, it's your choice: A or B. I'll give you 2 minutes to decide,... and you should thank me because at least i'm being flexible, giving you a choice." Her tone would be happy, sweet, and confident.

There's no question I will be locked up in chastity minutes later.

Once I hand over the key, she would wear it proudly on her necklace...and from that point forward she'll start having fun with me.

First, she'd allow me to get dressed for the beach, instructing me to put on my very girly pink & white flowered string bikini under my swim trunks, and as she pulls them out the drawer for me she'll notice that I also have the bikini top which I've been hiding (bunched up together with the bikini panties so she couldn't see). At this point, she'd smile sweetly as she instructs me to put the top on too and wear it under my shirt as we head to the pool or beach. She'd want to see the full bikini on me before letting me put my shorts and shirt on, and she'd somehow trick me into coming out on the terrace of our room, then quickly shut the and lock the terrace door behind me, not letting me back in until I agreed to pose for a picture in full bikini through the window. Later, If we were alone and secluded, she might ask me to take of my shirt so I get some humiliating bikini top tanlines; and/or she'd make me take a quick dip in the water so that the wet bikini top would show through as a wet outline in my dry shirt until it becomes dry. Surely while climbing out the water as quickly as possible, she'd snap a few fotos of me running towards my towel in full bikini and chastity.

Later, she'll tease me that I should get acustomed to a bikini top or bra because she'll be imposing a rule that I'll not only have to wear panties, but also a bra under my shirt while my Ex is visiting.
While it may not be visable, she'll giggle in delight as all through the weekend I'll be trying to avoid my Ex noticing I'm wearing a bra, especially trying to avoid receiving random hugs and pats on the back from my Ex.

She'll be able to give me random instructions and tease me in front of my Ex throughout the weekend, clearly show her authority over me and absolute confidence that I'll comply immediately, knowing that she only has to signal to the key on her necklace or run her hands over my bra straps subtly to remind me how close I stand to complete humiliation.

That way this time around shopping I'll be happily carrying all the bags, waiting patiently at the door, possibly teased and forced to buy something feminine for myself, and most certainly at the end of the day on my knees on the floor providing foot massages to both my wife & Ex while told to be quite as they sip a drink and chat....at some point I'm sure their she'll turn the conversation to explain what that key is for.

Would she dare?


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