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Maybe Next Time - Shopping Adventure with Ex

Missed Opportunity – Maybe Next Time

Recently my wife and I were out shopping with my ex-girlfriend, who is still a very good friend of us both.  We were in a shop trying on several things, then my wife pointed out a pair of panties on display that she thought were cute.  My ex-girlfriend, who is definitely aware of my panty fetish would have had such a laugh if my wife would have made me try them on or even just buy them in my size in front of them both. 

Shortly after making several purchases, we all walked around for the rest of the day shopping together…. As I kept wondering to myself, wouldn’t it be awesome if she humiliated me in front of my ex by making me carry the shopping bags and walk behind them both. My Ex would have certainly found it funny and would have also accepted it, as she knows I’ve always been a bit submissive. But it would have been extra funny for her to see how much control my wife has over me.

At one point when we were walking into a store I wandered off on my own to another store and my wife had to call me to find out where I had gone.  Later, I was thinking of what a humiliation it would’ve been if she had sat me down and scolded or lectured me for going off on my own while my Ex just looked on.  It would have been oddly humiliating for me and certainly amusing for both of them to see me lectured on how I need to stay by them whether I’m bored or not.

When we got back to our home form a long day of shopping.  My Ex was sitting on the sofa taking off her shoes and remarking on how she would do anything for a foot massage at that moment.  I thought to myself that this would have been a very humiliating, but also amusing opportunity for my wife to have ordered me to kneel down and start giving her a foot massage.  She could have has me done all 4 of their feet while they giggled at the control she has over me.  

Finally, a few days later, I was thinking that it would have also been such a good opportunity for my wife to whisper into my ex’s ear about how I’m a bit of a submissive and how much fun she’s having with me under her control.   I could’ve just seen them both there on the sofa laughing and giggling as I served them some coffee and my wife took advantage of each time I left for the kitchen to share some more humiliating gossip.  I thought of myself walking into the room with them both trying to keep from laughing and put a serious face, but noticing my chastity key now hanging loose on my wife’s necklace in plain view because she would’ve obviously had just took it out from inside her shirt shown it off to my ex. She could’ve even had me put on an apron.

These were all simple little opportunities that perhaps only I saw, but it’s fun to think about what could’ve been J



  1. Wow... Your're right... what a mind-fuck!! I"m tenting my panties now. :)
    I hope she does do something when your Ex-gf comes again!!

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