Enjoy peeking into my naughty mind to discover some inspirational ideas for exciting, humiliating, and erotic methods & fantasies of enforcing strict female authority

Queen and Punish him while watching TV

Watch television while he's buried between your legs focused on pleasuring you and can't enjoy the same program… which should something he REALLY wanted to watch.  You may want to force him to wear earphones on him to keep him totally concentrated and his tongue busy while you enjoy the program.

The idea is to punish him by forcing him to service you while he misses what he really wanted to see.  This is a disciplinary measure.  All the while he's forced to give you oral pleasure and watch you enjoy the very thing he so much wanted.

You set this situation up by first lecturing him a full 30 minutes before the program at least, and make him know that his punishment will be that he will need to give you oral pleasure.  You should make point of him knowing that you want to be in a position to watch the program and that depending upon how you evaluate his progress and remorse he may or may not be allowed to see it.  You should tell him that he has to wear earphones and give his ipod to you, so you control what he's listening too.  make sure the earphone are covered and can't come off so it’s impossible to hear what’s going on around him, and then make him start servicing you 2-3 minutes before the program starts.

Do this when you want to punish him, and just before a major television program he really wants to watch  (like a sports match or race). 

Don't let him finish until you have reached an orgasm… and even then consider delaying him from stopping.  Just keep him in that position, even if you are not interested in receiving more pleasure from him, until you think you've made your point.  No matter how much you feel sorry for him, don't let him talk you out of this punishment… it’s a perfect way to really show him who's in charge, and make him change his behavior.  He needs to learn.  When he's finished, tell him all the things he missed. 


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